22 of The Best Things to do in Bali

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Bali, the tropical jewel of Indonesia, beckons with its lush landscapes, vibrant culture, and a spirit of hospitality. Whether you’re seeking serenity on sun-kissed beaches, exhilarating adventures amidst terraced rice fields, or a deep dive into rich traditions, Bali offers a plethora of experiences. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the 22 best things to do in Bali, including hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path adventures to make your Bali journey truly unforgettable.

1. Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu)

Perched on a dramatic clifftop, Uluwatu Temple is not just an architectural wonder but also a breathtaking spot to watch the sunset. Witness the enchanting Kecak fire dance performance that unfolds against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. For a quieter experience, explore the nearby Pura Mas Suka, a hidden gem with striking sea views.

2. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Explore the iconic rice terraces of Tegallalang, where lush fields cascade down the hillsides. Hike through the terraces to gain insight into traditional Balinese farming methods, and discover the lesser-visited rice paddies near Sidemen for a quieter experience. If you venture to the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, you’ll be greeted by expansive views and tranquility.

3. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Venture into the lush depths of Ubud to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Observe long-tailed macaques in their natural habitat and explore centuries-old temples nestled within the forest. If you seek a quieter monkey encounter, visit Alas Kedaton in Tabanan, where you can enjoy the company of these playful creatures without the crowds.

4. Bali Swing

For an adrenaline rush and stunning photo opportunities, swing high above the jungle canopies at the Bali Swing park. Seek a quieter swing experience in North Bali’s Wanagiri Hidden Hills, where you can capture the perfect Instagram-worthy shot with fewer visitors.

5. Go ATV Quad Biking in Ubud

 Enjoy traveling through the local villages and experiencing true Balinese village life whilst passing sacred temples along the way. Ride through rice paddies, the jungle, and along riverbanks on an exciting ATV. This tour is perfect for adventure seekers who want to experience Bali from a unique perspective.

6. Go On a Sunrise Hike At Mount Batur

Get the best views in Bali with an early-morning hike up Mount Batur volcano with breakfast included. An unforgettable sunrise awaits you at the top, and you’ll also get the chance to explore the nearby hot springs and learn about the local coffee-making process.

7. Ubud Art Market

Explore the bustling Ubud Art Market for a wide array of traditional and contemporary Balinese crafts. To support local artisans in a less touristy setting, venture to the Gianyar Night Market in Gianyar, known for its vibrant night bazaars filled with local handicrafts and delicious street food.

8. Beach Hopping In Nusa Penida

Take a boat ride to the idyllic Nusa Penida island and discover secluded, pristine beaches like Atuh Beach, Diamond Beach, and Kelingking Beach. The island’s untamed beauty offers a serene escape from the crowds. Don’t miss a visit to Peguyangan Waterfall, where you can embark on a cliffside hike to reach this hidden gem and enjoy the natural infinity pool.

9. Sekumpul Waterfall

Trek to the mesmerizing Sekumpul Waterfall in the northern highlands of Bali. Admire multiple cascades surrounded by lush vegetation, and don’t forget to explore nearby waterfalls such as Fiji Waterfall for a more secluded experience. Aswell as this you can experience the Ulun Danu Temple Tour.

10. Swim With Manta Rays at Nusa Penida

Swim with the majestic manta rays of Nusa Penida on an amazing snorkeling trip from Bali. Stop at the famous Manta Bay, discover the natural beauty of Crystal Bay and go to Mangrove Point for the perfect snorkeling adventure in the Indian Ocean. This tour is ideal for those who love marine life and want to experience an unforgettable underwater adventure.

11. Diving in Menjangan Island

Embark on a diving adventure to Menjangan Island, a remote coral island in West Bali. Witness vibrant underwater gardens, swim through underwater caves, and discover an array of marine life, all with fewer divers compared to other popular sites. Explore Pemuteran Bay for quieter dive spots and pristine coral reefs.

12. Elephant Care at Bali Zoo

Spend a day learning about and observing rescued elephants from Sumatra. Follow the elephants’ footsteps and enjoy their day which includes eating local fruits, bathing, and playing with mud while learning about the conservation efforts being made to protect these amazing animals.

13. Party at Uluwatu Beach Club and Cliffside Private Bar

Where else to spend sunny days than lounging on a sun bed, cocktail in one hand, book in the other while listening to either DJ or crashing waves? This private tour will take you to visit the very best world’s renowned and breathtaking spots in Uluwatu.

14. Taman Festival Park

Explore the ghostly Taman Festival Park in Sanur, an abandoned amusement park with a curious and eerie atmosphere. It’s an unconventional place for urban exploration and photography. To discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path locations, head to nearby abandoned structures in Sanur, such as the Taman Festival abandoned theme park.

15. Explore All of Bali's Instagrammable Spots

Discover Bali on a customizable day trip to its most recognizable locations. From the Gate of Heaven to rural Ubud’s rice fields, experience firsthand photos you’ve seen already on Instagram. This tour is perfect for those who want to capture the perfect shot of Bali’s most iconic locations for their social media accounts.

16. Visit Lake Bratan

Take a private tour of Bali’s most iconic sights that you always see on postcards and Instagram! Snap photos and experience the beauty in the North. Immerse yourself in nature and Balinese culture while exploring monuments and natural wonders such as Lake Bratan and the Ulun Danu Temple.

17. Visit Bali's Dolphins at Sunrise

Watch the sunrise while looking for dolphins in their natural environment on this half-day tour from North Bal. Enjoy snacks and drinks and visit the Gitgit Waterfall and the Ulun Danu Bratan Temple to experience the perfect combination of nature and culture. This tour is perfect for families and friends who want to experience Bali’s stunning sunrise and wildlife.

18. Visit Tenganan Village

Visit the Lempuyang Gate of Heaven, meet the local Aga people in the traditional village of Tenganan, and admire the Tirta Gangga Water Palace on a full-day private tour of East Bali.

19. Banyuwedang Hot Springs

Relax in the lesser-known Banyuwedang Hot Springs in West Bali, near Menjangan Island. These natural hot springs provide a soothing soak amid tranquil surroundings, making them an excellent retreat after a day of adventure. To enjoy the hot springs with fewer visitors, consider visiting in the early morning or late afternoon when the pools are often less crowded. As you soak in the warm, mineral-rich waters, take in the scenic views of the surrounding mangroves and the calm Bali Barat National Park.

20. West Bali National Park

Discover the biodiversity of West Bali National Park, home to unique flora and fauna, including the endangered Bali starling. Explore diverse ecosystems, from mangroves and savannas to dense rainforests, as you embark on guided treks and bird-watching tours. To escape the crowds and delve into nature, explore Menjangan Island’s remote corners, where pristine beaches and underwater wonders await.

21. Bali Coffee Plantation Tour

Uncover the secrets of Bali’s coffee production with a visit to a coffee plantation. Wander through lush coffee fields and learn about the entire coffee-making process, from bean harvesting to brewing. Savor a cup of locally grown Luwak coffee, known as the world’s most expensive coffee, and immerse yourself in the island’s aromatic coffee culture.

22. Bali Beach Glamping

Indulge in luxury camping on Bali’s pristine beaches. Beyond the more famous glamping sites in Seminyak, explore hidden gems like Nyang Nyang Beach or the remote beaches in Amed for a quieter glamping experience.


Q1. When is the best time to visit Bali for outdoor activities?

A1. The dry season, from April to October, is ideal for outdoor activities in Bali. The weather is sunny, and you can enjoy activities like trekking, diving, and exploring the island’s natural wonders.

Q2. What are some lesser-known beaches to visit in Bali?

A2. For a quieter beach experience, consider visiting Nyang Nyang Beach, Amed’s remote beaches, or Balangan Beach. These hidden gems offer pristine shores and tranquility.

Q3. Are there any alternative cultural experiences in Bali beyond the popular tourist attractions?

A3. Yes, you can explore traditional villages like Tenganan and Penglipuran for authentic cultural experiences. Witness traditional rituals, textiles, and architectural heritage that offer a deeper understanding of Balinese culture.


Q4. How can I explore Bali's natural beauty without the crowds?

A4. To avoid crowds, visit lesser-known rice terraces like those near Pupuan, discover hidden waterfalls like Fiji Waterfall, and opt for glamping on remote beaches such as those in Amed.


Q5. What's the best way to get to Menjangan Island for diving?

A5. You can reach Menjangan Island by taking a boat from Labuan Lalang in West Bali. The island is a pristine diving destination, and there are diving operators available to organize your underwater adventures.